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10 Ways to Sleep Better at Night

1. Have a routine.


2. Make sure you’re active enough during the day.


3. Do something calming before bed like breathing exercises or some light yoga/stretching.


4. If you find yourself thinking too much before bed, try keeping a notebook and pen next to your bed to jot down your thoughts. You’ll be able to relax and clear your mind knowing that you can better focus on it in the         morning after a good night’s rest.


5. Drink more tea, and less caffeine. Did you know the caffeine in that Frappacinno you had after work can have lasting effect on your sleep for up to 4-6  hours? Studies have shown that the heat from a cup of decaf tea         can help to relax you.


6. Don’t eat so close to bedtime. Your body typically takes around 4 hours to digest food. Don’t get us wrong- we’re guilty of occasionally stuffing our face with chocolate cake while netflixing it up under the covers, but  this can also cause you to toss and turn all night while your body works to digest all of that triple fudge frosting.


7. Get away from all screens at least 45 minutes before bed. The bright light from cell phones, TVs, tablets, and laptops provides too much stimulation for your brain. Instead, send your brain signals that it’s time for bed.


Have a comfortable bed. It’s worth the couple of extra dollars to splurge on a those hotel-quality pillows or extra luxurious sheets.


8. Say yes to snooze. If you’re one of the many people out there who just has to hit the snooze button every morning, set your alarm for 7 minutes earlier. Now you can hit snooze, and wake up at the right time.


Wear a sleep mask.

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