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13 things that will make you want to switch your birth control

1. Mirena is actually more effective than birth control pills and many other popular forms of birth control – more than 99% effective!

2. Mirena lasts for up to 5 years, but you can have it removed before if you decide you want to get pregnant.

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3. For many people, Mirena will be completely free. FREE! Most insurances cover Mirena, and if you don’t have insurance, you can get signed up for FPACT at any of our clinics if you qualify which will cover the cost.


4. Mirena is FDA approved to treat painful or heavy periods. Win win!

5. In fact, on Mirena, you are likely to have no period at all!

6. Mirena contains less hormones than most birth control pills – and no estrogen at all! This makes it a great option for those with issues taking estrogen.

7. You can’t feel it once it is inserted, and you cannot feel it during sex (and neither can your partner.)

8. They are super popular among female doctors!

9. The bad reputation some people associate with IUDs comes from concerns of infection with IUDs from the 80’s, but with today’s Mirena, the risk of developing an infection from the device is less than 1/1000.

10. The insertion process is very quick and it starts working almost immediately! It is placed in one office visit and then there is no need to come in to the office on a regular basis for birth control.

11. Mirena tends to give you some abnormal bleeding and light cramping the first few months after insertion as your body adjusts to it – so it is important to be patient and give your body time to get used to it so you can experience all of the benefits. We promise, it gets better!

12. You can get pregnant as soon as you take it out.

13. IUDs in general have the highest satisfaction rate of all reversible birth control methods.

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