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8 Reasons You’re Going to Want an IUD, Like Right Now!

1. You’ll Feel Less Crazy

You know how birth control pills have that annoying side effect that can make you fly off the handle at a moment’s notice? That’s because the hormones from the daily pills are released directly into your bloodstream every day. With Mirena and Syla, minimal amounts of hormones are emitted into your uterus and won’t cause the drastic mood swings and unexplained crying.

2. “OMG, am I pregnant??!!”

Never again will you have to be asking yourself this in a panic. How’s that for peace of mind?

3. You Can Choose the One That’s Right for You

There are both hormonal and non-hormonal IUDS. Paragard is a plastic and copper IUD and has no hormones. Skyla and Mirena are both tiny plastic devices that slowly releases the  hormone levonorgestrel into the uterus over a long period of time.

4. It’s Probably Not Going to Cost You Anything

Yup, most insurances cover all forms of birth control including IUD’s with no money out of your pocket, so you can use that money for stuff you actually want!

5. Say Goodbye to Aunt Flow

The hormonal IUDs Sklya and Mirena are proven to lighten your periods by 90%, with many women having their monthly periods completely stop. No periods without being pregnant or going through menopause, sign us up now!

6. Say Goodbye to Condoms too While You’re at it

If you and your partner are exclusive, and after you’ve both tested negative for any STI/STD’s of course!

7. You Can Still Have Babies

Change your mind a year later and decide you want to get pregnant? Noooo problem! Immediately after having your IUD removed you are able to begin trying to get pregnant.

8. You’re Literally Never Going to Have to Worry About it

Once your IUD is in, it’s done – time to celebrate! Depending on which IUD you choose, you don’t have to worry about getting pregnant for the next 3-10 years!

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