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Spring Break and Safe Sex - FPA

Don’t Get Crabs This Spring Break

Spring Break has grown notorious over the years as the biggest party week in college. With Summer vacation just around the corner, this week is the best time to kick back and let loose with friends. But don’t let the time of your life turn into a nightmare, by making simple mistakes. This Spring Break – enjoy the party, without the mishaps.

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Don’t let an STD or an unplanned pregnancy be your Spring Break Souvenir  

The combination of alcohol and being on vacation with friends tends to lower our inhibitions. If you’re planning on hooking up this week (or it just happens) you need to make sure you are still being responsible with using condoms and contraceptives.  


Keep up with your birth control. If you’re taking birth control pills you need to make sure you are still taking your pills at the same time everyday – even if you’re hungover. Not planning on getting pregnant in the next couple of years? Consider our various IUD options.


Wear a condom every time. Even if you’re on birth control, condoms are the only thing that protects you from STD’s. You’re not going to want to be telling the story, “That one time I got chlamydia in Cabo…”


Keep Plan B/Emergency Contraceptive Handy. In case of those emergencies where the condom slips or breaks, or you forget to take your birth control pills, Plan B can become extremely crucial in preventing you from becoming pregnant. When taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex, Plan B cuts down your risk of pregnancy by 80%. 

Tips You Can Actually Use

While you’re out living it up for a week, it’s still important to remember the no-brainer things like sunscreen and staying hydrated. Stick to these short tips and you won’t have to worry about “what happened last night?” or an itchy infection.

Don’t sit around in wet bathing suit bottoms all day. It’s an easy way to get a yeast infection.

Be wary of vacation tattoos and piercings. You can catch HIV and Hepatitis B from a dirty needle.

Wear Sunscreen. We all want that glowing tan by time our toes hit the sand, but you’ll do a lot of damage to your skin if you leave it unexposed to the sun. Remember to reapply sunscreen every time you get out of the water, and every 2 hours. The sun’s rays are strongest between 10-3, so make sure you are taking extra precautions to prevent burning.

Always watch your drink. If someone is buying you a drink, walk with them to the bar and see it being poured. Always keep your drink in your hand and throw it out if you ever lost track of it. Same goes for if your drink looks/tastes suspicious. Roofies and other date rape drugs will first make you appear super drunk, before you lose consciousnesses.


Sex isn’t a contest. Make Spring Break about the fun and experience, not about how many cute guys you can hook up with. Don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with, and don’t feel like you have to have sex just because you’re on vacation.

Watch your girls, and have them watch you. Make plans to meet up in a designated place every few hours and at the end of every night. We’ve all heard about the Natalee Holloway story from just a few years ago. Let people know where you’re going and who you’re leaving with.

Watch how much you drink. It’s easy to lose track of how many shots and tropical drinks you’ve had when you’ve been partying in the sun all day. Eat an actual meal before you start drinking for the day, and make sure you’re drinking a bottle of water every hour.

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