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Public clinics benefit society according to Guttmacher Institute report

Public Clinics Benefit Society according to Report Guttmacher Institute

Family Planning Associates Medical Group (FPMAG) is proud to be one of approximately 8,000 clinics in the United States that offers women contraceptive and health care services. When you think about it though, 8,000 clinics for all 158.3 million women in the United States is a small number. That is before even considering that many men need access to the services offered by clinics like FPMAG.  That is why we try to offer as many locations as possible to serve the women of California, and we will only continue to expand our services to more locations.

The report from Guttmacher Institute tells how much the small number of clinics positively impacts our society by citing tons of studies proving why women health services are an integral part to making our country a better place. The following are some highlights from the report, but you can find the full report by clicking here.

  • By facilitating access to contraceptive methods public clinics enabled patients to have 78% fewer unintended pregnancies.
  • Nationally 1.94 million unintended pregnancies were avoided.
  • More than 9 million patients received contraceptives in just 2006 alone.
  • Overall abortion rates have fallen due more readily available access to contraceptives in the past decade.
  • From 1991-2011 risk of adolescent pregnancy fell by 21%.
  • By using contraceptive between births, families can space out their birthing times to benefits the health and finances for the whole family.
  • Birth related morbidity and mortality decreased in mothers and infants.

As you can see in the list above, public clinics like ours provide invaluable benefits to society.Our clinics always strive to serve patients better though, and we see ways that we can better serve patient. Recent political attacks target clinics that provide women’s health services to patients. We believe that the health of a patient should never be confused with politics, especially with the obvious benefits that public clinics provide society, families, mothers and infants.

With current funding, many patients are limited by their financial means to choose family service options like abortions, certain types of contraceptives and treatment for STD’s. The high costs of some services are an extreme concern to the clinic, because some patients have to make some tough choices based on budgets instead of what is best. The size of one’s wallet should not be related to the quality of care any patient receives, so FPMAG and other clinics will continue the good fight for all patients who are in need of women’s health services.

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