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Could I Pregnant?! Signs of Early Pregnancy

I missed my period, could I Pregnant?! So many women find themselves wondering that. You count back the days to make sure you’re wrong, wonder if you took your birth control correctly, and remember whether or not you’ve been practicing safe sex. If you are looking for answers, here are some early pregnancy symptoms that you should be aware of.

Do I Have Pregnancy Symptoms?

While these are the most common signs of pregnancy that women experience, keep in mind that the only what to be certain is by taking a pregnancy test either from a drug store or by visiting your local FPA clinic for a pregnancy test.

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The Missed Period

Is the most common sign a new pregnancy, having a missed period is the first ways women tend to discover they are pregnant.

Tender Breasts

During early pregnancy women experience hormonal changes that might make breasts tender, swollen, or sensitive. This sign of pregnancy may begin in the early weeks of conception.

Spotting & Cramping

This is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy, women may have slight bleeding and cramps, not to be confused with a regular period since this is very light spotting. A milky colored discharge may be seen. However not everyone experiences this but it’s important to know all possible symptoms.

Nausea & Dizziness

One of the most well-known pregnancy symptom will oftentimes show up between the first few weeks of pregnancy, and can last thorough the entire length of the pregnancy.  This nauseating and dizzy sensation can be either accompanied with or without vomiting.


Fatigue is a pregnancy symptom which can also start as early as the first week after conception, usually as a result of high progesterone levels. If you are pregnant, it’s important to get lots of rest and eat food high in protein and iron.

Frequent Urination

Even though frequent urination can be correlated to urinary infections and diabetes, if you are pregnant you will likely have to frequent the bathroom because of your hormonal levels.

Mood Swings

Due to rapid changes in the level of your hormones, you may experience mood swings in early pregnancy.


Lower backaches may be a symptom that occurs early in pregnancy; however, it is common to experience backaches throughout pregnancy.

Food Cravings

Are you craving foods like pickles and ice cream? Many women feel cravings for certain foods when they are pregnant. This usually lasts throughout the entire pregnancy, but for some women starts early.


Your Next Steps

Do you still think you may be pregnant? The best way to know for sure is to take a test or visit a clinic for a pregnancy test. We can discuss your options with you if you are pregnant, and/or talk to you about your birth control options to avoid any future pregnancy scares if you are not trying to get pregnant at this time.

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