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womens emotions after abortion

Women’s Emotions After Abortion

Study Explores the Variety of Emotions Women Experience With and Without Abortion

When it comes time to deciding whether to get an abortion or not, women are faced with an extremely tough decision. There is no right or wrong answer that applies across the board, so the woman must decide what is best for her. Researchers recently examined exactly how women react emotionally in a study called Women’s Emotions One Week After Receiving or Being Denied and Abortion in the United States. This study looks at females who came in time for the near-limit abortion and those who came in too late.

The results found that 41% of women who were allowed to go through the abortion experienced regret about the abortion, while 50% of the women who were denied the abortion experienced regret. The other side of the coin of this is that 90% of women who were allowed the abortion felt relief, while 49% of those who were turned away felt relief.

For most women these results may not be that surprising. When a woman makes the mistake of waiting too long to come into the clinic, it is a bad situation for everyone involved. This is why we urge patients to come in as soon as possible, so that they are not faced with the problem of being denied an abortion. When it is too late women are faced with childbirth which is not something all women are ready for physically, financially or emotionally.

Even if you are not ready to make the decision about an abortion, a trip into clinics like ours caan set you up with a counselor to give you the information you need to decide one way or the other. The counseling staffs at FPAMG clinics do not judge patients for what decision they’ll make, but just want to help prepare patients with the information they need to make an extremely important choice.

This study examined just a simple set of emotions that women go through when dealing with abortions. How a woman feels after or without the procedure is extremely complicated, and the staff at FPAMG understands when patients hesitate. It is okay to take a certain amount of the time on the decision, but it is important that time doesn’t make the decision for you. So if you are or know someone who is on the fence about an abortion, urge them to come into the clinics so they at least know how long they have to decide.

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