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In Home Abortion Delivery


Tele Aboriton

For patients seeking an entirely private and personalized experience, we are excited to offer safe and effective abortion care in the comfort of your own home without the need to ever visit an office.*

We know the decision to seek pregnancy termination is a difficult one. FPA Women's Health is committed to making the choice as safe, effective and comfortable as possible. With the discomfort, fear and uncertainty surrounding in-clinic medical visits, many patients prefer to avoid coming in to see the Clinician altogether. We can help by using our cutting edge Telehealth and ultrasound technology that allows a Clinician to remotely determine whether in home abortion care is right for you.

Your all-inclusive fee provides:

  • A direct line to our Care Coordinator for consultation
  • On demand scheduling
  • 2 In home visits by a professional Ultrasound Technician to determine the gestational age of the pregnancy
  • All necessary laboratory tests provided - No need to leave Home!
  • Telehealth visit with a Licensed Clinician to make sure you are a candidate for in-home abortion delivery
  • Abortion medications
  • 24 hour availability of phone support by a licensed Clinician
  • In-home Follow up care (mandatory) 

Call 909 453 6685 today for your personal consultation and to schedule your In Home Abortion Delivery.

* Additional Information

In Home Abortion Delivery is not covered by your Insurance. If you are less than 5wks or greater than 10wks estimated gestational age, we will recommend a different pregnancy termination plan. If you are anemic, you may not be a candidate. If you are greater than 8wks gestational age, please provide documentation of your blood type. Five percent of women undergoing medication abortion require additional treatment such as surgical aspiration or repeat doses of medication as abortion medications are harmful to an ongoing pregnancy




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