Need a Boost?

Injections (“Boosts”) we offer with our Weigh to Wellness program:

B12 Vitamin

• Restores Energy
• Decreases Stress, Depression, and Fatigue
• Helps maintain a Healthy Heart
• Helps with Memory
• Metabolism

B6 Vitamin

• Acts as a natural diuretic(eliminates water retention)
• Helps with PMS
• Regulates Blood Sugar
• Helps treat Anemia and Improves Blood Flow

B complex

• Promotes Digestion
• Immune Support
• Helps with memory, fatigue, irritability
• Helps with Hair Skin and Nails

Lipotropic Injection

• Cleanses the liver
• Helps with weight loss
• Breaks down fat
• Increases energy

Appetite Suppressants

• Decreases hunger allowing you to eat less and lose weight



*Your Nurse Practitioner will determine which method is right for you*

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