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Weigh To Wellness: FAQs

What is it?

We are a medically supervised ketogenic weight loss program. We offer menu planning, goal setting and individual one on one counseling with a nurse who will assist you throughout your weight loss journey. We also offer Wellness/Maintenance programs for those patients not looking to lose weight but who are looking to feel better, maintain their weight and take advantage of our vitamin injections.

Who is eligible?

Anybody who is 18 years and older, not currently breast feeding, or is diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes,  who wants to increase their sense of wellness with lifestyle changes and vitamin boosters, or who wants help with losing weight. Certain portions of the program (such as appetite suppressants and lipotropic injections) may have certain eligibility criteria that can be assessed during your introductory session.

What do you offer to assist with weight loss?

• Medically supervised/personalized weight loss and maintenance programs
• Vitamin B injections
• Lipotropic injections
• Appetite Suppressant Prescription (if qualified)

Which Clinics have this Program?

ALL CLINICS now have this program!

How often do I need to come into the clinic?

You will be coming to the clinic on a weekly basis to meet with your Treatment coordinator. She will weigh you, measure you bi-weekly, discuss your progress, review your food diary,  and give you your vitamin injection.

What protein supplements/meal replacements can I use?

You can use most protein shakes/bars that are “KETO friendly” meaning that they contain less than 15 grams of carbs per serving size. Great places to purchase Keto protein options are The Vitamin Shoppe or GNC.

How much am I predicted to lose?

Everybody’s weight loss journey is different. Your starting weight and total BMI is what we use to determine your potential weight loss. The majority of our patients have lost between 20-35lbs in 10 weeks.

Can men join the program?

Yes, men are more than welcome to join the wellness program. In fact men have more lean muscle mass which aides them in meeting their weight loss goals faster than woman.

How can I learn more?

All you have to do is schedule a free Weight loss Consultation Appointment at your most convenient FPA clinic location! A treatment coordinator will review the entire program with you and you will discuss your individual needs and concerns with our Wellness nurse! LETS START  YOUR JOURNEY TODAY!  

Is this program covered by any insurance?

No, unfortunately it is not covered by any insurance and the cost of the program is out of pocket.


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