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Mirena, Kyleena or Paragard?





Hormones: Contains 52 mg of the progestin, levonorgestrel; releases around 20 mcg daily. Completely estrogen free. Hormones: Contains 19.5 mg of the progestin, levonorgestrel; releases about 17.5 mcg per day. Completely estrogen free. Hormones: Completely hormone free. Contains copper to prevent pregnancy.
Size: Measures 32 mm horizontally and 32 mm vertically. Size: Measures 28 mm horizontally and 30 mm vertically. Size: Measures 32 mm horizontally and 36 mm vertically.
Insertion: Tube used to insert Mirena is 4.4 mm in diameter. Insertion: Tube used to insert Kyleena is 3.8 mm in diameter.
Time: Can be used for up to 5 years. Time: Can be used for up to 5 years. Time: Can be used for up to 10 years.
Effectiveness: Over 99.8%. Effectiveness: Over 99%. Effectiveness: Over 99%.
Periods: For most women, Mirena causes their period to stop completely. Due to the higher progestin level, this IUD is also the only IUD FDA-approved to help treat heavy and painful periods. Periods: Can cause periods to be lighter and shorter. There is a change your period may stop completely. Periods: Can cause periods to be heavier or more like your natural hormone-free cycle.

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