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Is it possible to try to get pregnant after having 3 consecutive Nexplanon implants for a total of 9 years?

Definitely! It is hard to say how soon you would be likely to get pregnant, but birth control doesn’t affect your fertility. With Nexplanon, and all methods of birth control except the Depo shot, (with Depo, your body may take 0-9 months to return to a normal ovulation pattern) there is usually no delay of fertility and some women become pregnant even before there next period. Everyone is different, so we encourage you to make an appointment to see one of our knowledgeable clinicians about your individual fertility questions.

Even with long-term birth control options like the Nexplanon Implant and IUDs, you will not have to worry about this delay while your body normalizes. When you get it removed, you return to normal fertility right away!

It is important to remember that while birth control doesn’t affect your fertility, your fertility naturally decreases as you get older, so that sometimes gives the false impression that birth control has affected your fertility if you have been using it for a long time during your child-bearing years. If, for example, you began using Nexplanon at 21 years old, stayed on it for 9 years, and went off of it at 30 – your fertility will naturally be lower at 30 than when you were 21.

Do you have questions about which birth control may be best for you? Make an appointment to speak to one of our treatment coordinators about all of your birth control options.

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