10ml Travel Sized Water-Based Lubricant


Many women think, “I have no problem getting wet, so why use lube?”

Lubricant is not only a problem-solver, it can also increase your chance of orgasming as well as enhance your overall sexual pleasure.

  1. Using a lubricant makes it 50% easier for both women and men to orgasm. (According to a study by Indiana University’s Center for Sexual Health)
  2. Proper lubrication can eliminate any pain or discomfort you may feel during sex.
  3. Lubricant can help prevent condoms from breaking and increase effectiveness.
  4. Personal lubricant can be used for foreplay or for an intimate massage – many massage oils can cause condoms to break so lubricant is the safest option.
  5. Lube is great for masturbation – for both men and women. Slippery friction adds extra sensation.
  6. Using a lubricant is helpful for temporary vaginal dryness due to stress, anxiety, hormonal changes, medical conditions, medications or birth control.
  7. Let’s face it – sometimes things heat up faster than your body can. Lubricant can be helpful when you are ready to go, but your body isn’t yet, or when there is a lack of foreplay.

Travel-sized water based lubricant sample. Use as needed to supplement your natural moisture and enhance intimacy. Easily washes away with warm water. Harmless if ingested. Latex safe.

Additional Information

Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 2.75 x 2 x .35 in