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Topic Tuesday: I think I want an IUD, but I am not sure which one. How do I pick which one is right for me?

Great question! There are quite a few IUDs and each are a little different and have their own benefits! We actually just started offering Kyleena IUD in addition to Mirena and Paragard!

Before we get into the difference between each of the IUDs, let’s go over why we LOVE all IUDs:

• All IUDs are more than 99% effective
• You don’t have to think about them every day, month or even year
• You can have your IUD removed at any time, and you will return to normal fertility right away
• You can get one at no cost if you qualify for FPACT and if you have insurance, it is covered

There is no denying that an IUD is a great, reliable birth control method, but which IUD? Here’s a simple breakdown of the main characteristics of each IUD we offer:

• Prevents pregnancy for up to 5 years
• Low-dose progestin-only hormone IUD, and completely estrogen free
• Thickens the cervical mucus to prevent sperm from traveling to fertilize an egg
• You will most likely have no period at all
• Only IUD that is FDA approved to treat heavy or painful periods

Kyleena – New to FPA!
• Prevents pregnancy for up to 5 years
• Contains a lower dose of hormone than Mirena, and completely estrogen free
• Smaller in size than Mirena & Paragard so it is sometimes a better option for women who haven’t had children
• Thickens the cervical mucus to prevent sperm from traveling to fertilize an egg
• You should have lighter periods but it will not likely stop completely

• Prevents pregnancy for up to 10 years
• The only completely estrogen & hormone free IUD
• Soft, bendable copper IUD
• Works by inhibiting sperm from fertilizing an egg and altering the ability of a pregnancy to implant in the uterine lining
• You may have heavier, longer periods (your natural hormone-free cycle)

It is really about which IUD is right for YOU. We recommend making an appointment to talk to one of our knowledgeable Treatment Coordinators about all of your birth control options and they can help you determine which is best for you, and your lifestyle.

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