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Topic Tuesday: My periods have gotten so much heavier as I have gotten older. Is there anything that will help?

Unfortunately it can be quite common for women’s periods to change as they get older. Luckily, the hormones in birth control can drastically improve your heavy periods and the painful cramps that come along with them. Plus, birth control will regulate your period, or even make it go away all together!

Mirena IUD is actually the only birth control FDA approved to treat heavy and painful periods. It delivers a low dose of progestin locally to the uterus so women tend to experience more significant improvements in their symptoms than with other forms of birth control – and with a lower dose of hormone! For most women with a Mirena, their period stops completely. Plus, it is more than 99% effective at preventing pregnancy – win, win!

Mirena lasts for up to 5 years, but you don’t have to keep it for 5 years if you decide you want to get pregnant. It is also completely Estrogen free which makes it a great option for women who cannot take estrogen for a variety of reasons (they have migraines with aura, smoke more than 15 cigarettes per day, have a history of a blood clots or have uncontrolled high blood pressure.)

Other forms of hormonal birth control like the pill, patch, and ring can also help improve your period regularly, as well as improve your symptoms, but the risks of estrogen (such as a clot or stroke) increase with age, so progestin-only methods like Mirena are much safer.

While heavy periods can be normal, irregular and/or heavy bleeding can be caused by a lot of things like fibroids, infections, polyps, or even cancer. If you are concerned about changes in your period, or if the symptoms you are having are not normal for you, it is important to make an appointment with us right away for an exam.

Have questions about how Mirena IUD or other forms of birth control could help you? Make an appointment with one of our Treatment Coordinators to learn about all of your birth control options!

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