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Topic Tuesday: I have discharge that comes out clear but looks yellow or brown on my underwear sometimes. I have been to the doctor but was told I do not have an infection – should I be worried?

First, great job going to the doctor as soon as you noticed something unusual with your body! It is normal for discharge to look a little different once it dries and may look darker on your underwear for this reason. Colored discharge is usually one of the first signs of an infection to women, however there are some other things that can cause colored discharge as well:

• Yellow discharge is most commonly an infection, however it can also be caused by changes to your diet, taking certain vitamins, or even dehydration
• Brown discharge is common right before your period starts or right after it ends – a mixture of older blood and discharge
• Pink discharge can be common towards the end of a period, or even a day or two after it ends – also a mixture of blood and discharge
• While / cream colored discharge is commonly caused by hormonal changes and ovulation

The color and consistency of your discharge can also change throughout your monthly cycle due to hormonal changes during the month. If you are sure you do not have an infection, we recommend using a period tracker app or keeping track of how your discharge changes during the month so you can refer back to it when speaking to your doctor at your next appointment. This information is helpful for your doctor to determine if changes in hormones may be causing your symptoms.

It is important to remember that yellow, green, or white colored vaginal discharge can also be caused by yeast infections, STDs, Bacterial Vaginosis and even more serious conditions like pelvic inflammatory disease or cancer. If you have colored vaginal discharge coupled with a foul or fishy smell, a dry and raw feeling, pelvic pain, itching, or pain during sex, it is important to go get checked (or re-checked) for infection right away.

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