Birth Control Ring

The Contraceptive Vaginal Ring contains both progestin and estrogen, similar to most birth control pills.


How is NuvaRing used?

Nuva Ring is easily inserted in the vagina and left there for 21 days each month – It is then removed for seven days for your period to come. You will need to insert and remove the Nuva Ring yourself each month. A new ring needs to be inserted in the vagina at the same time, on the same day of the week following your period each month to be most effective. If you do not insert The Ring on time, it is important to use a backup form of birth control that month as you are more likely to get pregnant. While the Ring is removed for your period, you are still protected from getting pregnant. 

Does The Ring need to be removed for sexual intercourse?

The ring does not need to be removed for sexual intercourse, and usually a women’s partner cannot tell that she is using one or believes The Ring does not affect sex in any way. The Ring can be removed for up to 3 hours a day if the woman chooses to remove it for sex, but it is imperative that it is replaced as soon as possible for the highest effectiveness. 

How effective is The Ring at preventing pregnancy?

If The Ring is used consistently, and inserted on the same day of the week following her period each month, it prevents pregnancy more than 99% of the time. Unfortunately, if a woman forgets to insert a new ring on time, or removes it and forget to put it back in, the chance of pregnancy goes up. With average usage of The Ring, the effectiveness rate is about 92%. The Ring does not protect against reproductive tract infections, including HIV/AIDS. 

What are some of the side effects of using The Ring?

Primary side effects include headache, increased or thicker vaginal discharge, and sometimes an increase of vaginal infections. Break-through bleeding and spotting occur at about the same rate as the Pill. Similar to other hormonal contraceptives, other side effects can include: breast tenderness or soreness and nausea. These symptoms are usually worse when you first start taking a hormonal contraceptive like The Ring, and get better and usually disappear completely as your body adjusts to the new hormones (usually after few months of continued use.) 

Is The Ring right for me?

If you do not want to remember to take a pill every day, but would still like a short-term hormonal birth control method and feel you can remember to insert a new ring at the same time every month, the Ring may be perfect for you. If you concerned with keeping the fact that you are on birth control a secret from your partner, or do not feel comfortable inserting your fingers in your vagina to insert or remove The Ring, it is probably not the right fit for you. If you do not want kids for at least a year, we suggest a longer acting form of birth control such as: Skyla IUD, Mirena IUD, Paragard IUD, or Nexplanon.

ANNOVERA: Annual Vaginal Ring

We are excited to be able to offer patients a Rx for the brand new ANNOVERA vaginal ring!

This first-of-its-kind ring lasts 13 months (a whole year!) and you can insert it yourself; no procedure necessary. Because it is soft and squishy, most women do not notice it’s inside (even during sex). Our patients using ANNOVERA love that they can take control of their own birth control!

As a reminder, this annual vaginal ring does contain both estrogen and progestin, so if you have migraines with aura, high blood pressure, or a history of a clot in your veins, your doctor may recommend a different method of birth control. Please schedule an appointment today to discuss whether ANNOVERA is the right choice for you.


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