Supreme Court Moves to Protect Medication Abortion

After mifepristone was challenged by a Texas judge in 2023, the Supreme Court will uphold FDA approval. Here's what was at stake and why FPA backs the medication.

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How Age Impacts a Woman's Reproductive System

Aging affects women's health, from fertility and menstruation to sex drive. Get insightful tips and advice to navigate these changes with confidence and clarity.

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What is HPV and How is it Spread?

Learn about HPV (Human Papilloma Virus), the most common STI in the US. Here, we cover how HPV is transmitted, symptoms, and prevention methods.

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Preparing Your Body for Pregnancy

Prepare your body for pregnancy with expert advice from FPA. We cover essential steps before pregnancy, from understanding your circumstances to prenatal care.

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Will My Partner Feel My IUD During Sex?

We answer your questions about sex with an IUD, including what's normal for you and your partner to feel.

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Does Abortion Impact Fertility?

Can abortion cause infertility? At FPA, we're asked this question often. Here's what you need to know about abortion and fertility.

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How soon after unprotected sex will an STD show up on a test?

When you can test positive actually depends on which STD you may have come into contact with. For example, it can take three months for HIV to show up on a test.

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FPA Receives Grant to Expand Free Services

FPA Women's Health has been named a recipient of the Uncompensated Care grant. This funding means abortion and birth control services are available free of charge.

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Irregular bleeding with Nexplanon

Yes, spotting between periods when you are on a progestin-only method like Nexplanon or an IUD can be normal, especially if you have just started this new metho

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Tips for improving vaginal health

While experiencing an unbalanced or unhealthy vagina is common, there are ways to mitigate risk. In this article, we provide tips to improve vaginal health.

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