Community Engagement at FPA Women's Health

At FPA Women's Health, we are committed to fostering strong connections with the communities we serve.


Our dedication goes beyond providing healthcare services - we actively engage with and support the well-being of our neighbors. At FPA Women's Health, community engagement is not just a commitment - it's a core part of our mission. Together, we strive to create a healthier, more informed, and connected community. Thank you for being part of our journey!

Here is how we contribute:

  1. Educational Outreach:
    • Attend webinars, seminars, and workshops on health topics
    • Collaborate with local schools and organizations to provide reproductive health and safer sex knowledge along with condom donations
  2. Community Events:
    • Participate in local health & wellness fairs
    • Organizing and sponsoring events that promote well-being within the community
  3. Support Groups: Anaheim Indoor Market Place Health Fair.jpg
    • Facilitating referral resources for
      various local support groups
    • Creating a safe place for open discussions and sharing experiences within our supportive clinic
  4. Partnerships with Local Organizations:
    • Collaborating with community centers, non-profits and advocacy groups
    • Supporting initiatives that address broader health and social issues
      affecting our communities
  5. Accessible Healthcare Services:
    • Ensuring our services remain
      accessible to all members of the community regardless of your
      insurance status or ability to pay
  6. Culturally Sensitive Care: National Council of Jewish Women.jpg
    • Tailoring our services to embrace
      and respect the diversity of our communities
    • Training our staff to provide
      Culturally and trauma informed care
  7. Feedback & Collaboration:
    • Actively seeking input from the community and our trusted patient population to improve our services and customer care
    • Building relationships with our community leaders to continue positive collaborations

Condom Donations:

  • Oakdale High School
  • Santa Monica High School
  • Riverside City College
  • Occidental College
  • Insight Housing
  • Fresno City College
  • Roosevelt High School
  • McLane High School
  • Santa Monica College
  • George DeWolf High School
  • Cypress College
  • Downey High School
  • Modesto Junior College
  • Modesto High School
  • Beyer High School
  • American River College
  • San Bernardino Valley College
  • California State University, Stanislaus   

Alliance Morgan McKinzie HS.jpg

Partnerships & Affiliations: 

  • National Abortion Federation ( NAF )
  • Feminist Uprising
  • National Council of Jewish Women
    ( NCJW )
  • California Abortion Alliance ( CAA )
  • American College of Healthcare &
  • ACEs Aware
  • Access Reproductive Justice
  • Reproductive Freedom for All

Reach out for event participation!

FPA Women's Health recognizes the importance of fostering unity within the communities we serve and is committed to being a proactive member of the community by participating in local events and promote awareness regarding women's health issues, providing valuable resources, and creating a supportive network. Please reach out to our Community Engagement Department directly if you would like us to attend a local event, health fair, or school function. We look forward to hearing from you!

Marie Garcia
562-622-9464 x2007