Contraceptive Implant

The Contraceptive Implant, or "Nexplanon" is an implant inserted beneath a woman’s skin that works as a discreet, long-term birth control.


Quick facts about The Contraceptive Implant, or "Nexplanon":

  • It is up to 99% effective, making it one of the most effective birth controls on the market.
  • A great alternative for women who cannot use estrogen based birth control.
  • Requires minimal maintenance from the patient.
  • Discreet enough that only you and your doctor need know about the implant.

Nexplanon is an implant inserted beneath a woman’s skin that works as a discreet, long term birth control. The implant is soft, flexible and small (2 mm in diameter, 4cm in length), and is on the inside portion of the patient’s upper arm. Nexplanon prevents pregnancy by slowly releasing progestin etonogestrel, which provides pregnancy protection for up to 3 years.

Nexplanon can be placed during a simple office visit by a trained medical professional. At the time of the insertion, a local anesthetic is provided at the site of the implantation to prevent any discomfort on behalf of the patient.

Patients should be aware that Nexplanon can change the regularity, duration or intensity of menstruation. Other side effects like headache, acne and fever have a small chance of occurring as well. However, if you do not feel comfortable with Nexplanon at any time after placement, the device can easily be removed by a medical professional.

How Can I get a Nexplanon implant?

Nexplanon implants must be placed by a trained medical professional during an office visit. The implant is placed under the skin in your upper arm. The health care provider will numb your arm so you do not feel pain. After placement, you will be able to feel the implant by touch but you will not be able to see it under the skin.

Are there risks?

Risks of placement of Nexplanon include irregular vaginal bleeding, mild infection at the insertion site, or difficulty removing the device if it is placed too deeply.

What are the benefits?

Implants are over 99% effective in preventing pregnancy and it is a form of contraception that you don’t have to think about every day, month, or even year. Implants are safe for most women including adolescents who have not yet had children.

Can I take it out early?

Yes, you may request that your provider take out your implant at any time prior to the removal date. Reasons to take out the device early include; irregular bleeding, unexpected side effects that are intolerable for you, or you decide that you would like to become pregnant. Women can get pregnant right away after removal of an implant as they return to their normal fertility immediately.


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