How Age Impacts a Woman's Reproductive System

Aging affects women's health, from fertility and menstruation to sex drive. Get insightful tips and advice to navigate these changes with confidence and clarity.

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Will My Partner Feel My IUD During Sex?

We answer your questions about sex with an IUD, including what's normal for you and your partner to feel.

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Tips for improving vaginal health

While experiencing an unbalanced or unhealthy vagina is common, there are ways to mitigate risk. In this article, we provide tips to improve vaginal health.

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Our Approach to Teen Pregnancy

Learn more about how we foster a safe and supportive environment for teenagers, which reduces the rates of teen pregnancy and shapes a brighter future for our youth.

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What are ACEs, and why do we screen for them?

At FPA, we screen for ACEs, or adverse childhood experiences. We believe in treating the whole person, which means adopting protocols to address prior trauma.

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Sometimes I have bleeding after sex. What could be causing this?

Often, bleeding after sex is harmless. It’s likely caused by a period or lack of lubrication. In this article, we go over common and rare causes.

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I have no discharge and very little lubrication during sex

Great question! Lack of vaginal discharge and lubrication can be very uncomfortable during intercourse, or even leave you feeling dry and irritated at other times.

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How does HIV testing work?

Though there is no cure for HIV, treatment options greatly reduce transmission and symptoms. Book an appointment to get tested through FPA.

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Ten positive habits to start in your twenties

It's never too early to form healthy habits. We've put together a list of good habits to practice in your twenties that are sure to pay off in the long term.

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Sometimes I have bleeding after sex. What could be causing this?

Most commonly, bleeding after or during sex is caused by your typical monthly cycle.

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