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IUD Removal

Do I need to be asleep to get my IUD taken out?

Great question! We hear from many patients that they are a little apprehensive about getting their IUD removed, but the majority of the time, it is a very simple and quick procedure.

Usually removal of an IUD takes less than a minute and causes brief, minor cramping. Typically, no anesthesia is needed. There are a few situations that can make it a little more complicated:

Like with every birth control method, there are rare risks which patients should be aware of prior to choosing the method that is best for them. Patients have a variety of descriptions of what it feels like to get their IUD removed but some of the most common ones we hear are:

Everyone has different reactions, but overall, most patients agree that the removal process is worth the 5 or 10 years they have of worry free birth control they get with their IUD. 

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