Topic Tuesday: Can I get pregnant again if I just had a miscarriage?

Great question – miscarriage can be a very difficult and confusing thing to go through, and this is a very common question you have, so know that you are not alone! Miscarriage is also unfortunately quite common, although not always discussed. It might be more common than you think: about 25-35% of all pregnancies result in miscarriage.

Pregnancy loss in the first trimester is usually a one-time occurrence and most women go on to have successful pregnancies when they decide they are ready to get pregnant again. If you would like to try and get pregnant again right away, it’s best to wait until you have had at least one menstrual period after your miscarriage, in order to make sure your uterus is fully healed.

Miscarriages are most often caused by a genetic abnormality. About one half of cases of early pregnancy loss are caused by a random event in which the embryo receives an abnormal number of chromosomes. Most of the time, you will not know the exact cause, but it is important to remember that there is nothing you did that caused it to happen, it just happens naturally sometimes.

If you do not wish to become pregnant again right away, it is important to remember to use a birth control method beginning immediately after as you can get pregnant as soon as two weeks after a miscarriage. Some women report actually getting pregnant easier or faster immediately following a miscarriage.

It is important that you remember to take care of your self during this difficult time. Allow yourself time and permission to grieve and consider talking to those close to you about your miscarriage in order to move on from it. Many women feel that pregnancy loss is a “taboo” subject that is not discussed. The truth is, talking about it may help you work through your grief, and find other women who have gone through similar experiences. If you do not want to talk to your friends or family, consider an online support group for women who have experienced pregnancy loss.

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