Topic Tuesday: Can I still take birth control to help with acne if I get a tubal ligation done?

Great question! In most cases, yes you can – having a tubal ligation done does not affect your ability to use birth control for all of the other great benefits!

A tubal ligation procedure is a good option for women who know they do not want to have any more children, however, when no longer taking a hormonal birth control, you miss out on some of the hormonal side effects many women love in addition to pregnancy prevention. While a tubal ligation blocks a pregnancy from occurring, it does not remove your ovaries or stop your menstrual cycle from happening, so many doctors will recommend birth control use to help with the no-so-fun side effects of still having a period.

Many women take birth control solely for these benefits:
• Lighter periods or no periods, depending on the method
• More regular periods
• Ability to skip a period
• Controlled acne
• Less or more regulated mood swings
• Less painful cramping
• Less hormonal side effects related to your cycle such as headaches and bloating

You are not limited to birth control pills, you can use IUDs for birth control as well. In fact, Mirena IUD is the only birth control FDA approved to treat heavy and painful periods! This makes Mirena a great option for women who have had a tubal ligation, but struggle with debilitating cramps and heavy periods.

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