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Topic Tuesday: My boyfriend has a "bump" on his penis. What could it be?

The most common cause of a penile "bump" would be Herpes (HSV). Herpes comes in two forms: HSV-1 (usually affects the mouth) and HSV-2 (usually affects the genitals). The herpes virus can be transmitted even if you are using condoms and even if you don't have any symptoms. Most doctors do not routinely screen for Herpes because most people have already been exposed. Unfortunately, once you have HSV it can never be cured. There is medicine that your doctor can presribe to shorten the duration or severity of an outbreak. 

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Topic Tuesday: Can my partner feel my IUD?

Your partner should not feel the actual IUD if it is placed correctly in your uterus. He may be able to feel the strings which are intended to protrude through the cervix into your vagina. If you have any concern that your IUD is not placed correctly, pl