Topic Tuesday: What could be causing me to get yeast infections over and over?

Great question! Yeast infections can be frustrating and uncomfortable to deal with! Yeast infections happen when there is an imbalance of the good bacteria in your vagina and it allows yeast to overgrow. Some things that may cause this are:

•Antibiotic use
•Certain types of underwear
•Scented soaps and feminine hygiene products
•Uncontrolled diabetes
•An impaired immune system

To help prevent yeast infections, we recommend you take a probiotic (especially following antibiotic use,) avoid non-cotton underwear, do not douche and avoid using any soaps or scented soaps in your vagina. Eating a healthy diet and getting enough sleep can also help!

It is important to note that sometimes, women think they have a yeast infection when they actually just have vaginal itching or discomfort from something else. Vaginal itching or dryness similar to a yeast infection could be caused by a lot of different things such as hormonal changes throughout the month, irritating clothing or even an STD. The only way we can be sure you have a yeast infection is to examine you, so if you have had recurrent itching and possible infections, we recommend you come in for an exam.

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