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Surgical Abortion 14+ Weeks


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2nd Trimester Surgical Abortion Option

A “D&E” abortion procedure, also known as a “2nd Trimester Surgical Abortion” is a surgical abortion procedure that is used to terminate pregnancies greater than 14 weeks gestation.  The procedure itself is very similar to that of a “D&C” or “1st Trimester Surgical Abortion”, with the exception that a D&E procedure requires 1 or 2 visits to the clinic prior to the day of the surgical abortion.

What should I expect at my visit(s)?

Required Pre-operative Visit(s): Following completion of initial paperwork, receiving an ultrasound, and getting labwork, a pre-op examination and screening will be performed to determine your number of required pre-operative visits. Next, small synthetic dilators will be inserted in the cervical canal by a highly skilled member of our medical staff.  This initial “insertion” procedure does not require you to be asleep and you are able to drive immediately following the visit.  You are released to the comfort of your home where you can rest until returning for your next pre-operative visit or for your scheduled D&E procedure.

D&E Procedure Visit: Upon checking in for your procedure, you are immediately escorted to the back office where your D&E surgical procedure is performed in a safe and secure operating room by one of our highly skilled and licensed OB/GYN surgeons.  General anesthesia is provided under the supervision of a highly trained and licensed CRNA, which allows you to be completely asleep for the short surgical procedure.  Following your procedure, you are taken to our general recovery room where licensed nurses and medical assistants monitor your recovery.  Prior to discharge, post-operative instructions, medications, and birth control are provided for your continued recovery at home.

How effective is a “D&E” or “2nd Trimester Surgical Abortion”?

The D&E surgical procedure has a success rate approaching 99%.  On very rare occasions, a second surgical procedure may be recommended or required to treat subsequent problems or concerns.  Of course, all follow-up care is provided at no additional cost to the patient.

How safe is a “D&E” or “2nd Trimester Surgical Abortion”?

A D&E surgical procedure is a very safe method of pregnancy termination with the risk of serious harm or death far below that associated with routine childbirth.  In general, serious risk of infection, bleeding, or death associated with a D&C surgical procedure are far below 1%.




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