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Pregnancy Testing


Pregnancy Tests

Pregnancy tests detect human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in the urine or serum of a pregnant woman. HCG is produced when the pregnancy is implanted in the endometrium (ectopic pregnancies are implantations in other sites). Pregnancy tests are designed to detect this hormone.

If I believe I am pregnant, when should I come in for a pregnancy test?

Although an EPT test can detect the pregnancy hormone within 7 days of conception, we generally suggest you wait until you miss your period to come in for a test so that the test will be more accurate. Otherwise, it may be too early to tell if you are pregnant, and if you are, you will have to come back for another test.

What are the different types of pregnancy tests I can have?

Two types of urine pregnancy tests used by FPA are the urine chorionic gonadotrophin (UCG) and the Early Pregnancy Test (EPT). We do not to blood testing for pregnancy.

  1. The UCG is a presumptive urine test offered to patients whose menstrual cycle is at least two weeks late. This test is not as sensitive as the EPT and results are available within the hour. There is a $24 fee for the UCG‚ test.
  2. The EPT is a presumptive urine test offered to patients who have not yet missed their menstrual cycle but wish to determine if they are pregnant. There is a $24.00 fee for this highly sensitive test capable of detecting the pregnancy hormone within 7 days of conception. Results are available within the hour.


When will I have my results of a pregnancy test done at FPA?

You will have the results of either pregnancy test we offer within one hour of taking it.

Are pregnancy tests 100% accurate?

Because false positives and false negatives can occur, it is important to come in if you have tested positive on any pregnancy test or have tested negative and still believe you are pregnant. Pregnancy tests cannot be used alone as a diagnosis of pregnancy because false positive and false negative results can occur. False readings can be caused if the urine is too diluted, the pregnancy is very early, or in ectopic pregnancy. In order to confirm a diagnosis of pregnancy, FPA recommends that a pelvic exam be done by a clinician.

If I take a home pregnancy test, when should I take it?

A first morning urine specimen is preferred for pregnancy testing because the pregnancy hormone is more concentrated so you should take it as soon as you wake up in the morning, the first time you urinate that day.

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