Now accepting Telehealth appointments. Schedule a virtual visit.




Video visit with your provider from the comfort of your home.


Is a Telehealth visit right for me?

* Would you like limited physical contact due to Covid-19?
* Would you like a shortened wait time to see a Clinician?
* Do you have difficulty finding transportation to our clinics?
* Does your need for childcare make it challenging to make an office visit?

How do I schedule my visit?

* Call us at (877) 883-7264 or book an appointment online 

What type of care can I get using Telehealth?

*Home Abortion Delivery
*Consultation with a Clinician
* Lab Results
* STI, UTI, and Vaginitis Treatment
* Abortion
* Birth Control
* Pregnancy Options Counseling
* UTI / Infection Checks
* Pelvic Pain
* Irregular Bleeding
* Hormone Replacement Therapy
* Preventive Health Consultation

How do I start my visit?

You will receive a link via email and text. Click on the link at the time of your visit.

Do I need insurance?

Most insurances cover Telehealth visits. If you have private insurance, your visit may be subject to a deductible or copay, similar to an in-clinic visit. If you don’t have insurance coverage and don’t qualify for financial assistance, then the self-pay Telehealth cost is $150 for a new patient virtual visit or $80 for an established patient. Payment is collected prior to the virtual visit. You will receive a link via email and by text. You then will click on the link at the time of you visit.

How Does it work?

Step 1: Schedule a virtual visit by booking online or calling us at (877) 883-7264.
Step 2: Check your email and click your virtual visit link.
Step 3: Complete any prompted questions and then click “Join Visit” button
Step 4: Video chat with your Clinician from the comfort of your phone, laptop or computer. 


If you have questions about our Telehealth program please call or text us at (877) 883-7264.




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