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-Tyra R., 12/09/2020

Have more signs of office floor level and about parking.

-Jennifer T., 03/10/2020

Very nice staff

-Lucia A., 05/12/2020

They were nice and sweet

-Clarissa H., 08/12/2020

Lovely experience.... surpassed my expectations and put to rest my trepidation. Staff is amazing! ❤️

-Maggi E., 08/14/2020

Poor work experience. Left feeling nauseous and weak.

-Kayla D., 07/02/2020

Thank you for the great service

-S L., 03/07/2020

Friendly staff, made me feel so comfortable!

-Joyce J., 05/23/2020

Staff is always so positive and kind.

-Cindy V., 06/03/2020

I love this location. The staff is really nice! I always make my appointments here. They always willing to help you and inform you which is very important to me. They have many options to receive help from the staff and even by calling they will serve you and treat you nice. I bring my friends here to so they can get birth control and they love it too. Thank you for being so nice to us!!

-Angie M, 11/14/2020

Amazing experience. Office staff is very polite and knowledgeable. The doctor who did my implant was wonderful as well and is very patient and explained all the steps she was doing while I was laying there. Definitely would recommend anyone to come here!!

-Kristina A., 03/09/2021

Me gusta la atención del personal, me encanta que ellos te llaman antes para que realices tu citas médicas , que se comunican contigo para recordarte a través de mensajes y correos tus citas .

-Olania Janeth C., 10/26/2021


-Kaytlin V., 01/11/2021

NP Julie was the best!!!!!!! Highly recommend this location , MA’s were great also

-Emily W, 02/04/2021

They were very friendly and I felt like they weren't judging or whispering among them like other places I've been too. Definitely recommend.

-Celeste C., 10/26/2021

It was real pleasant

-Lydia L., 06/24/2020

This is my first time visit to FPA clinic in El Cajon. The staff is very nice and friendly. Dr Mann, Karen is very professional and gives time to patients, she answers any question or concern in details. I recommend them to my friends and family!

-Google U, 01/24/2021

Staff are great here , great customer service

-Camisha W., 02/09/2020

The ladies here are lovely, kind, and genuine. I've never had an issue here and would definitely recommend.

-Emilia R., 04/12/2020

-Mabel C., 09/30/2020