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Long waits but good service

-Itzell M., 03/09/2021

I’ve been going to the Mission Hills location for the last four years and have never been disappointed. The entire staff is very welcoming and approachable, ensuring that you always feel safe and comfortable with every visit! I love going to this location and I always recommend it to friends.

-Isabel E., 12/30/2020


-Amber M., 01/22/2020

High professionalism

-Anastasia G., 01/30/2020

Love the workers so nice & friendly. My appointment was faster than my actual location I go to.

-Yolanda T., 07/25/2020

My visit was excellent didn’t have to wait super long and the staff was awesome

-Frances B., 09/26/2020

Very friendly and good communication

-Claudia M., 06/26/2020

I recently discovered FPA in Temecula & it was such a good experience! The staff is absolutely amazing & Dr. Karen is the best doctor I have ever had ! I will never go anywhere else again! If she moves , I’m gonna have to move too lol. I will definitely stay there as long as she’s there. She really makes you feel comfortable and she talks to you as a friend would. The world needs more doctors like her. Thank you for being who you are and doing what you do!

-Jenna T., 05/06/2020

The persona were all nace and i felt confortable Greta Job

-Nayeli A., 03/18/2020


-Mirna A., 04/13/2020

The ladies at FPA were friendly and personable! The office is clean and comfortable. However the doctor who saw me was a bit abrupt and rough with her exams, I wish she had communicated with me more and helped me relax.

-Sabrina C., 06/02/2020

It was great the nurses and the doctor are very nice

-Sylva D., 09/17/2020

Very nice staff .

-Rosio M., 06/01/2020

Fast and friendly.

-Jazmin V., 08/25/2020

Nice and fast

-Adriana A., 04/10/2020

Everyone was very friendly and welcoming

-Toreena M., 04/25/2020

Best service a Women can receive for her health and feeling confident. Doctors and staff are very helpful and friendly, always look forward to every visit at FPA Women's health!

-Irene H., 10/05/2019

Have more signs of office floor level and about parking.

-Jennifer T., 03/10/2020

-Alva T., 06/14/2020

Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. All staff were very informative and made sure any questions I had were answered.

-Kaya A., 10/26/2020