Topic Tuesday? Is it safe to skip a period if I'm on the pill?

Great question! There are definitely some times when your period gets in the way more than others…vacations are a great example!

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Topic Tuesday: How soon after unprotected sex will an STI show up on a test?

Great question! It actually depends on which STI you may have come into contact with. For example, it can take three months for HIV to show up on a test, but it

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Topic Tuesday: Sometimes I have bleeding after sex. What could be causing this?

Great question – It can be alarming to find that you are bleeding after sex when you weren’t expecting it. It can be normal, but it could also be a symptom

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Topic Tuesday: Can I get pregnant if I just had a miscarriage?

Topic Tuesday: Can I get pregnant again if I just had a miscarriage? Great question – miscarriage can be a very difficult and confusing thing to go through,

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Topic Tuesday: My period is two weeks late, but my pregnancy test is negative.

Great question – it is sometimes frustrating to determine if you could be pregnant, and if you aren’t, why your period might be late!

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Topic Tuesday: I have no discharge and very little lubrication during sex.

Topic Tuesday: I have absolutely no discharge and very little lubrication during sex. Great question! Lack of vaginal discharge and lubrication can be very unc

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Topic Tuesday: Can I still take birth control to help with acne after I get a tubal ligation done?

Great question! In most cases, yes you can – having a tubal ligation done does not affect your ability to use birth control for all of the other great benefit

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Topic Tuesday: Vaginal itching and dryness after taking the pill

"I have vaginal itching and dryness since I started taking the pill – could the pill be causing it?" Vaginal itching or dryness could unfortunately be caused

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Topic Tuesday: Nexplanon and irregular bleeding

I have Nexplanon and have had irregular bleeding since I got it 4 months ago – is this normal? Yes, spotting between periods when you are on a progestin-only

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Topic Tuesday: Can having an IUD increase your sex drive?

Can having an IUD increase your sex drive? Some patients do report a decrease in libido (sex drive) when they go from not using any birth control to using a tr

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