Topic Tuesday: Sometimes I have bleeding after sex. What could be causing this?

Great question – It can be alarming to find that you are bleeding after sex when you weren’t expecting it. It can be normal, but it could also be a symptom

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Topic Tuesday: Can I get pregnant if I just had a miscarriage?

Topic Tuesday: Can I get pregnant again if I just had a miscarriage? Great question – miscarriage can be a very difficult and confusing thing to go through,

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Topic Tuesday: My period is two weeks late, but my pregnancy test is negative.

Great question – it is sometimes frustrating to determine if you could be pregnant, and if you aren’t, why your period might be late!

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No discharge and very little lubrication during sex

Have no discharge or very little lubrication during sex? This can be an uncomfortable problem. Here's why it might be happening:

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Topic Tuesday: Can I still take birth control to help with acne after I get a tubal ligation done?

Great question! In most cases, yes you can – having a tubal ligation done does not affect your ability to use birth control for all of the other great benefit

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Topic Tuesday: Vaginal itching and dryness after taking the pill

"I have vaginal itching and dryness since I started taking the pill – could the pill be causing it?" Vaginal itching or dryness could unfortunately be caused

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Topic Tuesday: Nexplanon and irregular bleeding

I have Nexplanon and have had irregular bleeding since I got it 4 months ago – is this normal? Yes, spotting between periods when you are on a progestin-only

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Topic Tuesday: Can having an IUD increase your sex drive?

Can having an IUD increase your sex drive? Some patients do report a decrease in libido (sex drive) when they go from not using any birth control to using a tr

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Topic Tuesday: Funky Smell Down There

"Is this funky smell I have normal? I don’t have any itching or discomfort, just a foul odor down there."

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Topic Tuesday: Switching the time to take your birth control pill

Whether you've forgotten to take your pill or want to switch the time you take your birth control, we're providing the guidance you need to stay protected.

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