Topic Tuesday: Nexplanon and irregular bleeding

I have Nexplanon and have had irregular bleeding since I got it 4 months ago – is this normal? Yes, spotting between periods when you are on a progestin-only

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Topic Tuesday: Can having an IUD increase your sex drive?

Can having an IUD increase your sex drive? Some patients do report a decrease in libido (sex drive) when they go from not using any birth control to using a tr

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Topic Tuesday: Funky Smell Down There

"Is this funky smell I have normal? I don’t have any itching or discomfort, just a foul odor down there."

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Topic Tuesday: Switching the time to take your birth control pill

Whether you've forgotten to take your pill or want to switch the time you take your birth control, we're providing the guidance you need to stay protected.

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Topic Tuesday: Mirena IUD and Spotting

I’ve had the Mirena IUD for a year now and I stopped having a period, but sometimes I have some spotting from time to time - is that normal?" Great question!

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Topic Tuesday: STD with the use of a Condom

I had a one-night stand with someone and we used a condom. Could I still get an STD? It is great that you used a condom! When having sex with someone you just

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Topic Tuesday: On the mini pill and am Spotting between periods.

I am on the mini pill and am spotting between periods. Will it ever improve? Is this normal? Yes, spotting between periods when you are on a progestin-only min

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Topic Tuesday: Periods with the Paragard IUD

“Does Paragard IUD cause your period to be heavier?” The simplest answer to this question is yes… and no. Let’s dive into why this is!

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Topic Tuesday: Morning After pill and being overweight

"I heard that the morning after pill is not effective if you are overweight, is that true?" Great question! There are a few types of emergency contraception (E

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IUD Removal

Do I need to be asleep to get my IUD taken out? Great question! We hear from many patients that they are a little apprehensive about getting their IUD removed,

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